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NeuroMorpho.Org Application Programming Interface How-To

As of v7.0 NeuroMorpho.Org provides a programmatic access to the repository data through an Application Programming Interface, usually known as API. Although under development, the system is functional and open to public use.

NeuroMorpho.Org API is a Representational state transfer (REST) platform using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) as the communication layer. The output data objects are formatted as pairs of attribute–value following JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) open-standard format. Due to the early status of development we kindly ask users to constrain the number of petitions, or include delays to any large programmatic query.

The main entry point to the API service is HTTP route /api. The status of the server is available by querying the URL

There are three major anchors to retrieve data:
  • /neuron - Reconstruction specific information.
  • /morphometry - Morphological measurements associated to neuron objects.
  • /literature - Detailed information of the positevely identified publications.
Each of them include the following queries:
  • /fields - Retrieves all the available fields for the correspondent anchor.
  • /select - Allows actual queries with pairs of fields and values.
Please click here for the complete API reference and usage.

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